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Just send an inquiry to us here and we'll have a conversation with you about getting an original Gary Carter. Here's how the commission process works.

You and Gary will have a phone conversation about what you like, and what kind of space you have for an original. Gary will do what he does best, and after showing you some preliminary concept sketches and completing the painting, your framed original Gary Carter will arrive in a custom built crate.

It is a one-at-a-time process, and the cost, payment arrangements, timing and delivery details are worked out with you personally.


What is a Gicleé?

Gicleé refers to a specific kind of reproduction. A French word meaning "to squirt" referencing the one-at-a-time ink jet process of printing. Here, all our Gicleés are done on state of the art using their best inks, which brings us to our next question:

What's the difference between a Gicleé and a paper print?

Our Gicleés are printed digitally, one at a time with 7 colors of Ultrachorme, lightfast, archival ink at an astonishing resolution of 1700 dots per inch! They are more fade resistant than any process previousy available short of a perfect hand painted copy with series 7 pigments. They are done on canvas, and only a close inspection examining the three dimensional physical application of actual oil paint reveals wether it's an original or a reproduction.

Why are the Gicleés more expensive than the Prints were?

The previous question is a big part the answer to this question. More to the point, Gary's paper lithographs, tho wonderful, were printed at a resolution almost six times lower than the digital printing process. The Paper lithographs were published in editions of 850 signed, and numbered prints. The Gicleés are published on canvas, Signed in Oil, and in editions of only 45 signed and numbered prints.

What do all the numbers mean by Gary's signature on the Gicleés?

Digiital Printing allows us to do different sizes. For Most paintings, Gary has chosen to do 25 small, 15 medium and 5 large sized reproductions. So on a Large Gicleé, if it says 5 / 5 / 45 (Five over Five slash Forty Five), that means it's the 5th print out of a total of 5 in that size of the edition of only 45 prints total.



Current print valuation depends on a number of factors. Our strange-but-true advice is to see what they are going for on E-Bay, where you can also buy older prints. If you have your heart set on a particular print, email us, we may have some ideas.

Can you sell my collection of Gary Carter Lithographs for me?

At this time, we are not dealing with Re-Sale prints at all. (sorry) if you can't find a print I may have one but it will be expensive.

Got other questions? Ask them here. If we get enough queries, we'll add it to this page.


Print Company

Gary's older brother Jack, who with Gary, founded the Gary Carter Western Art Print Company passed away from Lung Cancer in 2003. After Jack's Passing it made sense to regroup, and restart since the new inks and canvas printing process had been perfected.

Are there any Paper Lithographs left from the pre-2003 era?

Yes! Although most of his 77 published prints have been sold-out for years, E-bay is a very active place to hunt for and collect Gary's lithographs as well as other secondary market sources.


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